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50% baby alpaca/50% mulberry silk
Luxury as nature intended. Naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with mulberry silk create a shimmering palette of gleaming whites, silvery grays and flecked golds. A versatile sportweight with colorways provided by nature; shiny braids provided by Blue Sky Alpacas!


  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Approx: 147 yards/134 meters
  • Needle Size: Size 3-5/3.25-3.75 mm
  • Gauge: 5-6 sts per inch


Hand wash or dry clean. Wash in tepid water using a mild soap. Do not agitate or twist. Shape and dry flat on a towel. Store your little treasure neatly folded; after all, it may be a family heirloom.

Metalico - 1610 - Opal

Metalico - 1611 - Silver

Metalico - 1612 - Platinum

Metalico - 1613 - Gold Dust

Metalico - 1614 - Flint

Metalico - 1615 - Cinnabar