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January 26, 2016

Inside the Industry: TNNA

Earlier this month, we headed to San Diego, California to attend our twice-yearly industry trade show, TNNA. While Minnesota hunkered down for a chilly weekend a -12 degrees, we couldn’t help but enjoy the sunny skies and 65-degree weather just outside of the convention center. Since many of our fans don’t get a chance to attend trade shows such as this one (which is closed to the public), we wanted to share a little peek behind the curtains on today’s blog!

TNNA stands for The National Needlearts Association, and it is a professional organization which has a diverse membership of wholesalers, retailers, designers and teachers from the needlepoint and fiber arts disciplines. Its main goal is to advance our community of professionals through education, industry knowledge exchange and a strong marketplace.

The Winter and Summer trade shows are widely attended by companies who display their latest product lines, as well as retailers (also known as your local yarn store) who are there to place orders for their shops. These shows are also a great opportunity for the members of TNNA to come together to share new ideas, network, and make new discoveries. Above, you can see our booth at this month’s Winter show, where we exhibited the latest yarns and patterns from both Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud & Chloë. We had a fantastic time and look forward to the Summer TNNA show this June in Washington, DC!

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May 22, 2015

Spring Pattern Preview: Norwood Pullover

The Summer TNNA Trade Show is just around the corner, and we are excited to introduce our 6 newest patterns in Blue Sky Alpacas yarn when we head to Columbus at the end of this month. If you missed our last blog post, click here to view our first sneak peek from the collection, the Lanesboro Vest in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky yarn. Today, we’d like to share another glimpse of a new design which will be coming to a Blue Sky Alpacas stockist near you: the Norwood Pullover.

It’s knit in our dreamy Suri Merino yarn (shown here in #413 Fog), a blend of 60% suri alpaca and 40% merino. The lustrous single-ply offers crisp stitch definition and just the right amount of halo – not to mention, cashmere-like softness!

The top-down construction of the Norwood Pullover makes it an excellent choice for advanced beginners. Featuring delicate lace stitch panels at each side, this sweater is also a great skill-building project for knitters who are looking to add lace to their repertoire.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks from our upcoming collection right here on Blue’s Blog!

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May 16, 2014

Making a splash at TNNA

photo 1_booth.jpg

Earlier this month, the Blue Sky Alpacas crew headed to Indianapolis, IN for the Summer TNNA Trade Show. This industry showcase is where yarn store owners go to find out about the latest yarns, patterns &  other products as well as  place their orders for fall. It’s a whirlwind of special events, classes, and even a fashion show!

Our booth at TNNA.

We were pleased to introduce our new Extra yarn and the Destination Collection of patterns at this show, and we were exceptionally thrilled to see our new yarn mentioned in Clara Parkes’ TNNA Recap on Knitter’s Review!

Our new Extra yarn on display.

Wendy Bernard was a special guest in our booth on Saturday; she signed copies of her new book Up, Down, All-Around, which will be coming to an LYS near you soon! This stitch dictionary is unlike any you’ve seen before, and each swatch is knit with yarns from Blue Sky Alpacas. Click here to view more #wendygrams from the book signing over on Instagram. We’ll be sharing more details about this exciting new book with you soon!


Click here to view more on our Instagram feed!

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July 2, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

The Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud & Chloë booth at TNNA

Your local yarn shops, your favorite designers, the knitting and crocheting books you are eagerly anticipating, the fibery publications you are subscribed to, and the behind-the-scenes editors and sample makers… all gathered in one place! It’s a little overwhelming, a lot of fun, and offers TONS of inspiration.

This side of the booth was dedicated to all things Blue Sky Alpacas, including what’s new this season.

Six members of the team arrived in Columbus, Ohio on Friday and together we set up our booth for TNNA. One side of the booth is dedicated to Blue Sky Alpacas, the other to Spud & Chloë. (If you would like to read the Spud & Chloë TNNA recap, be sure to click here.) The robin’s egg blue of the booth was a pop of color and a real hit with all of our visitors. As were…

Full o’ Fluff!

… our GIANT wool towers! In a convention center packed with people that love all things fiber, these three towers were irresistible! People came to touch, snap photos, and even host an impromptu photoshoot (more on that soon…)!

Peek around the Wool Towers…

Here is the lovely booth, the quiet before the storm. It’s so gratifying to be able to share all the things we’ve been working on with our Stockists. Their energy and enthusiasm is a big part of what keeps us developing colors, creating new patterns, and planning other Blue Sky Alpacas innovations. The other big part? Well, you, of course–the knitters and crocheters, stitching away!

StevenBe and Stephen West, whom we lovingly refer to as the Stev(ph)ens ^_^, hanging out in the booth.

We had four tables in our booth to connect with LYS and catch up with owners and employees that are now old friends, and make new friends, too! We were delightfully busy! You can see Sue (on the left) working with StevenBe and his team to place orders for both Yarn Garage and StevenBe’s! And Karen (on the right) is sharing our new collection with Uniquities Yarn Shop.

Busy! Busy!

TNNA was, as always, a very exciting weekend for all of us. As the new patterns, colors, and collections start arriving in your LYS, you’ll be able to see what all the hubbub was about!

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June 28, 2012

TNNA 2012

Metalico color cards make a great wall.

Well, the Blue Sky Alpacas Team is back from Columbus, Ohio and another wonderful TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) Show.

Putting a booth together is quite a bit of work, two of our wall panels were created using Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico shade cards! The resulting chevrons and shimmering yarn were really eye catching.

Our acidic pear walls were pretty eye catching too. The wall color matches the Metalico tag color, a sweet detail I think.

This side of the booth featured Blue Sky Alpacas

One side of the booth was dedicated to all things Blue Sky (the other side featured Spud & Chloë, our sister brand).

All the new yarns, Metalico and the Royal Petites were featured as well as the new patterns, with samples.

Our Blue Sky Stockists were excited, and so were we.

Be sure to note the Belarus Cardigan on Mildred the Mannequin in the photo.

There has already been some discussion on the Belarus Cardigan in the Friends of Blue Sky Alpacas Ravelry Group.

A more detailed photo of the Blue Sky side.

Both the Metalico and the Royal Petites were big hits!

The Metalico is featured on the left side of the table. It’s easy to see the acidic pear boxes that hold the color cards.

The right side of the table has the Royal Petites and the Petite Pattern Collection. It was energizing to see our Local Yarn Shops become excited.

The Blue Sky Alpacas Team has been so jazzed for so long; sharing all our new things made me happy!

Be sure to take a peek at the Imperial Wrap hung in our booth in Pewter and Vermilion.

Christine and Mindy of a Yarn Less Raveled with Katie (middle)

Blue Sky Alpacas is a great place to work. Everyday I chat with designers, tech editors, and sample knitters.

However, as someone who used to work at a LYS, it was great getting to meet our Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn Shop Peeps!

This is Christine and Mindy of A Yarn Less Raveled in California. They are a new Blue Sky Stockist and my first BSA customers, ever!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet in person the designers, shop owners and people we work with everyday in person.

TNNA was a success for Blue Sky, I loved every minute, and I hope you all had the best time too!

Start stalking your LYS Blue Sky Friends, all the great, new stuff is on the way.

Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting…


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